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The perks of being a chopdawg

Likes movies, books, poetry, 90s music, 80s cartoons, feminism, religion/philosophy, journalism, webcomics, magazines, poptarts, coffee, celebrities, men, fashion, food and kittens.

Writer/blogger/New Yorker/etc. I care a lot about gay couples on TV.
Apr 19 '14











when she says she doesn’t send nudes


when guys objectify women and expect them to send nudesimage

when someone asks you about your nuclear plans for russia


When Russia sends you nudes







#i don’t know what happened here but i am in favor

Apr 16 '14
Apr 12 '14
  • Law Enforcement: If you're ever being robbed, just do what the attacker says and don't fight back so you can avoid further injury and get to a safe place.
  • Law Enforcement: You didn't say no or fight back, so it doesn't count as rape.
Apr 9 '14
"Across the theological spectrum, the anti-abortion movement in America is increasingly defined by the belief that women should relinquish all control of their fertility, that birth control of any form besides celibacy is a sin, and that having more children, planned or not, is an intrinsic good. What’s at stake in this fight isn’t just the the morality of abortion, but a more fundamental push to undo the past few hundred years, to go back to a world where gender roles were strictly defined and circumscribed by religion. The idea of finding “common ground” with people who believe this, however high-minded it may sound, is foolishness."

No, There Isn’t Any Common Ground on Choice

why I’ve become a militant feminist

Apr 9 '14
"Why is it people always get so upset about Affirmative Action but not about legacies? For some reason we’re ok with the historically advantaged having a leg-up over the rest of us, but not the historically disenfranchised."

One of the best comment about Affirmative Action I’ve seen (found in response to this article)

because heteronormative capitalism (and white privilege, of course)

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Apr 9 '14

I just donated to Texas Equal Access Fund to help low-income women seeking abortions in Texas.

Apr 9 '14
"My first hysterectomy as a resident was on a 16-year-old who had an illegal abortion. Her pelvis was nothing but pus. That’s the sort of thing we saw all the time. I admitted about two or three women like this every night. That’s what we’re headed towards now. We’re heading back to those days. Because of the restrictions lawmakers impose, women will seek abortions illegally, and we’re going to see a rise in septic abortions."
Apr 9 '14


a guy just sent me a rape joke on okcupid and somehow I’m the one that’s wrong for suggesting all men be cast into that weird volcano thing in russia???

this made me lol

Apr 9 '14

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Apr 9 '14
Apr 3 '14
"So when I was 25, I was just leaving my first job and the world was about to change because — and this is embarrassing to say — the Internet became a big thing. My advice to myself then and my advice to you now, is to just be fearless. You can’t screw up so badly that anything you do is irrevocable. It’s so much more interesting to be daring and to try new things and to be the young hotshot who knows stuff that nobody else knows because you have been bold enough to try something new. The best thing about being 25 is that you have endless time and energy to pursue every single interest that you have — even if some of those interests are once in a while binge-watching “Pretty Little Liars” on Hulu. But that’s all really valuable stuff. Don’t feel like you’re locked in. Don’t let anyone else lock you in. You have to resist the idea of being pigeon-holed — because you’ve done this before, you can only do things like that again."
Apr 2 '14
Huey P. Long says “share our wealth.” What a socialist, right?

Huey P. Long says “share our wealth.” What a socialist, right?

Apr 1 '14
I suppose there are worse impulse buys. #books

I suppose there are worse impulse buys. #books

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Mar 27 '14

This is what a “Pro-Life” world looks like.


In the early 90s in Washington DC, Angela Carder became critically sick with cancer.  She was also twenty-five weeks pregnant.  The hospital sought a court order forcing 25-year-old Carder to undergo a C-section, in the hope the fetus could be saved; despite medical testimony that the surgery could kill her, the court privileged the fetus’ rights over Carder’s own life.  Carder’s fetus, too underdeveloped to be viable, died within two hours.  Carder died within two-days - the C-section was cited as a contributing factor in her death.


Does anyone get super terrified that something like this could happen to you? As a 25-year-old with recently discovered health problems, I am near tears after reading this. This stuff shouldn’t happen!!! 

Mar 26 '14
"Is there a reason that we should bully women into pretending that they’re more interested in being selfless and eternally nurturing than they actually are, even at great cost to themselves? Would we be even remotely close to as upset with a man who said he’s too invested in his bachelor lifestyle to consider having a baby?"

The Real Debate Isn’t About “Life” But About What We Expect Of Women | The Raw Story

Ahh this is so good. She hits SO many nails on the head. Read it, read it. If she sounds kinda harsh at first…. KEEP READING.